Recyclable Enviroliner

Introducing our

Recyclable Enviroliner

A premium label that also reduces your ecological footprint

An eco-friendly label that you can feel good about using.

Made with a 100% recycled paper liner that can be recycled after use, this premium label is a breakthrough in environmental sustainability. For decades, label release liners have been designed with a silicone coating that is difficult to recycle and almost always ends up in landfills. Today, after years of research and development, Labelcraft offers the way of the future with our Recyclable Enviroliner product.

1 ton of recycled paper saves


1 Tennis Court

gal Water

177 Days of water consumption

lb waste

16 Waste containers

lb CO2

10,436 Miles driven


68,988 60W Light bulbs for one hour

lb NOX

Emissions of one truck over 10 days

Recycle Again After Use

The heavy use of silicone in traditional release liners meant that local recycling facilities did not have the capabilities to recycle them. Our Recyclable Enviroliner uses a proprietary release agent and process to penetrate the paper and coat the fibers with a light coating allowing the liners to be recycled anywhere.

Made with 100% Recycled Paper Liner

Not only are our Recyclable Enviroliner liners recyclable after use, but they are also made from 100% recycled paper. For every one ton of recycled paper we use we also save 17 trees from being cut down. As an added bonus we also ensured all of our manufacturing waste is 100% recyclable, allowing us to work towards 100% landfill free facilities.

Leading Edge Technology and Innovative Process

At Labelcraft, we believe in using innovation to improve our products and reduce our environmental footprint. With the Recyclable Enviroliner we have developed a proprietary process that eliminates the need for a heavy layer of silicone, without sacrificing quality or performance.

30,000 trailer loads of liners

head to land fills in North America every year. That’s 2,400,000,000 lbs or 1,200,000 tons of liners.
With our Recyclable Enviroliner you can help to reduce this footprint.

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